General Terms and Conditions and Rules of Exhibition

Signing the Application Form means the acceptance of this General Terms and Conditions and Rules of Exhibition.

1. Creation of the Contract

1.1. Contractors

From the point of this General Terms and Conditions, Carp Hungary Kft. (Address: 1183 Budapest, Besztercebánya utca 29.; Trade Register Number: Cg. 01-09-949484; henceforth as: „Carp Hungary”); and the Party (henceforth as “Signatory”) who apply with proper fulfillment and signature of the Application Form (henceforth as “Application Form”) to the exhibition organized in the territory of HUNGEXPO (henceforth as „Exhibition”) shall be considered as contractors.

1.2. Invitation to Tender

From the point of creation of the contract (henceforth as “Contract”) sending the following documents to the Signatory: Application Form, General Terms and Conditions and Rules of Exhibition (henceforth as “Terms and Conditions”) is considered as Invitation to Tender of Carp Hungary.

1.3. Creation of the Contract

Signatory is sending 2 original pieces of the properly signed Application Form to Carp Hungary by post or by any other way (personally). By signing the Application Form, Signatory claims that he acknowledges and accepts this Terms and Conditions, what is inseparable part of the Contract. Contract is being created (henceforth as “Creation of the Contract”) between the parties when Carp Hungary is sending back one original copy of the Application Form signed by him to the Signatory.

1.4. First Deposit Request  

After receiving the Application Form, Carp Hungary is sending to the Signatory the first deposit request (henceforth as “First Deposit Request” ) what contains the below described amount in section 5.1.

If the full amount of the First Deposit Request is not being credited in the related bank account within the deadline of the related invoice, Carp Hungary is authorized to unilaterally cancel this contract in a written declaration addressed to the Signatory, and demand a penalty described in below section 7.2.

1.5. Area Selection

After receiving the amount described in section 1.4, Carp Hungary decides about the exhibition area selection (henceforth as “Exhibition Area”) without obligation for justification, and sends his decision to the Signatory in written form together with the site plan appointing the Exhibition Area.

1.6. General Operating Rules

Signatory is liable to learn and follow the actual General Operating Rules (henceforth as “GOR”) of HUNGEXPO, what is part of the Contract. GOR can be downloaded from the website of HUNGEXPO (, or can be sent via post to the Signatory by HUNGEXPO.


2.1 Signatory

Signatory is a natural or legal person, or corporation without legal entity, who fulfills the Application Form for the Exhibition, and signs it properly. Only the Signatory can be the addressee of the invoices settled by Carp Hungary. (E.g. Area Rent Fee, services.)

2.2. The Exhibitor

Exhibitor attends in the Exhibition with an own area or area part (henceforth “Exhibition Area”).

3. Seize and Modification of Exhibition Area

3.1. Seize

Exhibition Area can be seized only after the full payments of the Deposit(s) of Area Rental Fee, Registration Fee, and haphazard service fee; and building of the stand can start also after this.

3.2. Modification

The Exhibition Area appointed by Carp Hungary cannot be exchanged arbitrarily with another Exhibitor, cannot be extended based on an agreement with another Exhibitor, cannot be passed neither for free nor for payment and can be modified in any way exclusively with the prior written permission of Carp Hungary.


Signatory is authorized to represent only those products, product groups and services; and promote only the companies what are listed in the Application Form and what are accepted by Carp Hungary. If the Exhibitor does not remove from the exhibition area after the first warning the product, service or brand what is not produced, distributed (imported) by him, or promotional material representing someone else but not the Signatory or company represented by him; Carp Hungary is authorized to close the related Exhibition Area for the responsibility and cost of the Exhibitor, and can claim for compensation.


5.1. Payment Terms for the Signatory

Signatory is obligated to pay for the participation in the Exhibition a Registration Fee (henceforth as “Registration Fee”); an Area Rental Fee (henceforth as “Area Rental Fee”) for the rented area, and service fee (henceforth as „Service Fee”) for the resorted services.

5.2. Amount of Registration Fee

The Exhibitor (see section 2.2) pays 100% of the Registration Fee. Amount of the Registration Fee for the exhibitor is defined in the Application Form.

5.3. Amount of Area Rental Fee

The amount of Area Rental Fee is defined based on the size of the floor space of the Exhibition Area. Area Rental Fee does not contain the cost of the stand building.

5.4. Service Fee  

The Service Fee is calculated and billed based on the service fees in the actual service order forms.

5.5. Payment Terms  

Fees described in section 5.1 have to be paid according to the payment terms of related Invoice or Deposit Request. Schedule of payment: First Deposit Request: as described in section 5.1, 50% of the Registration and the Area Rental Fee.  Second Deposit Request: as described in section 5.1, 50% of the Registration and Area Rental Fee.

For Services ordered prior to the first building day of the exhibition a 100% Deposit Request has to be settled, what is obligatory to be paid by the Signatory prior to the start of building. For Services ordered during building of the exhibition stand a Deposit Request will be settled as well. Those services can be provided only in case Signatory has paid the Service Fees in the scene.

Final Invoice: Area Rental Fee, Registration Fee, and the Service Fee of the ordered Services. Signatory is obligated to pay the Registration Fee, the Area Rental Fee and the Service Fee of the ordered services entirely before the deadline of the invoice or deposit request.

5.6. Late Payment

In case of Late Payment of any Payment Commitments based on this contract Carp Hungary is authorized to settle an annual 20% late charges. Exhibitor acknowledges that Carp Hungary can grant its claim to a Factoring company.

5.7. Bank Costs  

Signatory is obligated to pay all costs settled during bank transmissions by banks, these bank costs are not decreasing the claim of Carp Hungary.

5.8. VAT

All services provided by Carp Hungary are qualified as complex services; therefore they are subject of VAT, according to TAX regulations.


6.1. Providing Music and Programs

Signatory is obligated to follow the regulations of the GOR in terms of providing music and programs, and ask for permission from neighboring Exhibitors prior to the activity.

6.2. Prohibition of use of Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Using drones or UAVs, and flying them inside the territory of HUNGEXPO, especially in the territory of the Exhibition is strictly prohibited. Signatory acknowledges that violating the obligations of this point, related Security Staff is authorized to remove the drones or UAVs from the territory of HUNGEXPO immediately. Signatory has the exclusive and unlimited responsibility for all damages to property and non-pecuniary damages what is originated from violation of obligations of this point – including especially damages caused to third parties and/or to HUNGEXPO, moreover for the penalty settled because the use of drones or UAVs, also for the damages of the tools coming from the action of Carp Hungary according to the violation of obligation of this point.

6.3. Forbiddance  

In case Signatory exceeds the noise limit described in GOR, and does not stop the activity with noise exceeding those limits after joint notice of the Organizer and Director of Exhibition, or violating the regulations of the section I.4.6. of GOR, Carp Hungary is authorized to stop the power supply of the stand of the Exhibitor without any compensation to the Signatory.


7.1. Cancellation of Participation

After Creation of the Contract, the Signatory can cancel his participation validly only in written form, sending it in a verifiable way to Carp Hungary (henceforth as “Cancellation”). Cancellation is valid only from the time Cancellation Statement is arriving to Carp Hungary. In case Signatory (or Exhibitor organized by him) does not occupy its Exhibition Area in the Exhibition 24 hours before the opening of the Exhibition, and does not confirm in written form that he arrives later and it is acknowledged by Carp Hungary; qualifies to Cancellation as well (henceforth as “Non-attendance”). In case of Cancellation Carp Hungary is authorized to lease the appointed Exhibition Area of the Signatory to someone else; and Carp Hungary has no obligation to compensate for the Signatory in any pretense. In case of cancellation Signatory is obligated to pay Penalties for Failure like described below.

7.2. Penalties for Failure

If Signatory cancels its participation after Creation of the Contract, but 61 days before opening of the Exhibition, it has to pay 100,000 Ft; if cancels between 60 and 31 days before the opening of the Exhibition 70% of the fee described in section 5.1 has to be paid; if cancels within 30 days before the opening of the Exhibition 100% of the fee described in section 5.1 has to be paid as Penalties for Failure to Carp Hungary.

7.3. Rented Area Cancellation  

If Signatory cancels 20% or more of the requested area 61 days before the opening of the Exhibition, it has to pay an Area Cancellation Penalty (henceforth as “Area Cancellation Penalty”). Amount of Area Cancellation Fee is based on the size of the Rented Area as follows: Cancellation more than 61 days before the opening of the Exhibition: 30% of the Rented Area Fee; between 60 and 31 days before the opening of the Exhibition: 80% of the Rented Area Fee, from 30 days before opening it is 100% of the Rented Area Fee.

7.4. Cancellation of ordered services and its consequences

Signatory can cancel the pre-ordered services only in written form validly, sent in a verifiable way to Carp Hungary. Cancellation is valid from the time Cancellation Statement arrives to Carp Hungary.

In case of cancellation Signatory has the following obligatory payment:

– if Signatory cancels the pre-ordered service 7 days before the official start date of the building of the Exhibition, it does not have to pay the fee of the service, and get back the prepaid amount of related service fee.

– if Signatory cancels the pre-ordered service within 7 days before the official start date of the building of the Exhibition, it has to pay 100% of the service fee to Carp Hungary.


For confirmability, Signatory has to report his/her compliant in written form to Carp Hungary about organization and building or operation of the exhibition before closing of operation of the Exhibition; about billing before the payment deadline of the related invoice. Complaints arriving after given deadlines cannot be considered by Carp Hungary. If Signatory does not dispute the invoice of Area Rental 15 days after receiving it, and the invoice about Services before closing of the Exhibition, invoices considered as accepted.


Exhibitor declares and guarantees with the signing of the Application Form that (s)he has the right for intellectual property for all products (s)he presents in the Exhibition, or (s)he has all permissions and authorization from the proprietor to present them. Exhibitor undertakes that it respects the intellectual property of third parties.

It is forbidden to present any products what hurts other parties’ intellectual property or is fake.

In case it comes to the Exhibitor’s knowledge that (s)he hurts an intellectual property, then (s)he undertakes that (s)he does everything to stop infringement and remove related products.

Exhibitor is responsible for having and confirming the protection for all products presented by her/him during the Exhibition.

Carp Hungary disclosure the responsibility for the counterfeit products presented in the Exhibition, but ready to provide information about activities necessary for enforcement.


In case of Vis Major event Carp Hungary is authorized to cancel the Exhibition partially or in a whole, or to change the timing, opening period or place of it. Those unforeseen, unavoidable events are qualified as Vis Major events, what are not attributable to Carp Hungary, independent from the will/process, or activity of Carp Hungary (e.g. war, hostilities, civil war, insurrection, general strike, epidemic, pandemic, natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake or any other unavoidable accidental causes, emergency.); and what prevents significantly, or make it impossible to hold the Exhibition. Carp Hungary is obligated to inform Signatory about the occurrence of Vis Major event. If the Exhibition is going to be cancelled partially or in a whole because of a vis major event, Carp Hungary does not obligate to pay compensation.


For the topics not regulated and specified in this contract the Hungarian Law is applicable.

Parties are making all efforts for a peaceful settlement of disputes.  If these efforts are not leading to agreement, courts with authority and competence have to act.


GOR and the content of the Application Form are inseparable part of the Contract.

13. Carp Hungary is authorized to unilaterally modify the Terms and Conditions. Carp Hungary informs the Signatory in written form 15 days prior to the modification of the Terms and Conditions. If Signatory does not declare before the deadline given in the Notification, then it is considered as accepted by the Signatory.

II. Exhibition Rules
1. Order for Exhibition:

Smoking and use of open flame is forbidden in the whole territory of the Exhibition. This is allowed in the designated area outside.

During the Exhibition all kind of loud or highly disruptive action (music, smoke machine), and trouble-maker behavior is forbidden!

Covering the stand area with carpets is not obligatory. If Exhibitor uses his/her own carpets, it can be fixed exclusively with tissue carpet glue.

Products have to be placed in the stand in a way to avoid damage in the stand or in the building, and in a way what does not hurt the interest of neighboring stands.

Pedestrian ways have to be kept clear in their full width. It is forbidden to place or hang here rods, chairs, flags or other products, decorations!

Exhibitor can employ hostesses outside its stand only for a fee. 50 EUR daily fee has to be paid for Carp Hungary for hostesses outside the stand walking in the pedestrian way.

It is forbidden to scuttle, clinch or glue anything to the walls of the exhibition hall!

Bringing live animals to the area of the exhibition is forbidden!

Any kind of damages in the fixtures of the building has to be compensated by the Exhibitor on the scene.

Stripping the electricity network or connecting to it without permission is forbidden!

Participants of the Exhibition must learn and follow the general fire-fighting, work safety and electrical safety rules, and also the rules of the exhibition; and in case of need enforce it. Otherwise organizers of the exhibition or their deputies are entitled to act.

2. Exhibitor Pass

Entry is possible only with a bar-coded armband.

Bar-coded armband needs to be validated by security staff with a bar-code reader during every entry and exit. Exhibitor cannot pass into or be present in the exhibition area during appointed time without a valid (original, unharmed) armband!

Over the amount of Exhibitor armbands defined in the contract it is possible to request additional armbands for a fee as follows; 13 EUR / 3 day; 5 EUR / 1 day.

Rules related to „additional exhibitor pass” and exhibitor pass are the same and equal in all cases.

3. Time of the Exhibition

For visitors:

Friday, 8th November, 2019                        09:00 am – 18:00 pm

Saturday, 9th November, 2019                   09:00 am – 18:00 pm

Sunday, 10th November, 2019                    09:00 am – 17:00 pm

For Exhibitors:

Friday, 8th November, 2019 07:00 am – 19:00 pm

Saturday, 9th November, 2019                   07:00 am – 19:00 pm

Sunday, 10th November, 2019                    07:00 am – 24:00 pm

Building Days:

Wednesday, 6th November, 2019               08:00 am – 20:00 pm

Thursday, 7th November, 2019                   08:00 am – 24:00 pm

Exhibitors are allowed to built, arrange, fill with products their exhibitor and sale stands during time period given for Building Days.

Breakdown Days:  

Sunday, 10th November, 2019                    17:00 pm – 24:00 pm

Monday, 11th November, 2019                    07:00 am – 12:00 am

Outside the above given time periods exhibitors cannot present in the exhibition area.

4. Protection of Property

A 24h security service provider is responsible for the protection of the building through 24 hours. They protect the building from every kind of illegal entry.

Protection of the products placed in the stands during Exhibition time is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

Night security service of the hall is provided by Walton Security Kft.

5. Cleaning

General cleaning before the opening is provided by Carp Hungary. This relates to the daily cleaning of the area of the hall, the pedestrian ways and toilets as well.

Waste from the stands needs to be collected and placed to an outside waste holder! Removal of larger amount of waste coming from the stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Daily cleaning of the stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor company.

Carp Hungary can provide the following services for an additional fee:

Daily Stand cleaning: (hovering, removal of waste from waste holders): 0.3 EUR / m2

Daily complete cleaning: (hovering, dust removal from furniture and cleaning of them, waste removal from waste holders): 0.7 EUR / m2

These services can ordered from Carp Hungary.

6. Contact details:

Carp Hungary Kft.:

Bujáki Géza

Phone.: +36-30-864-8622


General Stand Building Partner:

Braun Kft. / Kiss Zoltán

Phone.: + 36-20-266-1969



Armbruszt Tibor

Tel.: +36-30-606-1010


During the Exhibition the organizers are operating an Exhibitor Service stand, where exhibitors can turn to with their questions, requests, reports, complaints (regarding operational activity like maintenance, cleaning, power supply).