HUNGEXPO, Hall  “G”, 1101 Budapest, Hungary, Albertirsai út 10.

Application 2024

1. Organizer of the Exhibition

Company Name: Carp Hungary Kft.
VAT: 23025176-2-43
Billing Address: 1183 Budapest, Besztercebánya u. 29.
Trade Registration No.: 01-09-949484
Contact person: Bujáki Géza
Phone: +36-30-8648622

2. CONTRACTUAL PARTNER for the Exhibition

The exhibitor can participate in the exhibition exclusively with those products; product groups, fishing accessories what are produced or imported by them and with those services, and can promote those companies what are accepted by the Carp Hungary Kft.

The Exhibitor is willing to participate in the Exhibition with the below listed products; product groups; fishing accessories and services; and is willing to promote the below listed companies:

3. Exhibitor fees

Early Bird price:
until 31.08. 2024
Price after
01.09. 2024
Marketing fee
entrance ticket
6-29 sqm 41Eur/sqm 47Eur/sqm 200Eur 3pc 1pc
30-49 sqm 38Eur/sqm 43Eur/sqm 220Eur 6pc 2pc
50-99 sqm 36Eur/sqm 40Eur/sqm 260Eur 10pc 3pc
100-149 sqm 33Eur/sqm 37Eur/sqm 260Eur 15pc 4pc
above 150 sqm 28Eur/sqm 33Eur/sqm 260Eur 20pc 5pc

The price includes:

  • Exhibitor tickets (according to the price table)
  • Parking passes (according to the price table)
  • 1 wifi password
  • Power Connection, use of power (for 3 days) maximum up to 2 kW
  • Full range of waste transport
  • Moreover, contains appearance in the Online Exhibitor System in the website of the Exhibition, link to the website of the Exhibitor
  • One  post on Facebook and in our website between 01.09.2024 and 5.11. 2024 (about the informations, please contact The advertisement contains a sort history of the company, discounts and new products from the Event
  • Opportunity to nominate in categories for the Product Awards


Area rental fee (Does not contain the registration fee; cost of building and other services)

The minimum rentable area is 6 sqm. At the Event we give empty exhibitor areas to rent, without any buildup or edifice.


4. Area rental fee

Does not contain the registration fee; cost of building and other services.

Enter the size of the stand you want to rent below (minimum 6m²)

The price includes the value of the services ordered above, but not the stand building.

5. Stand building

6. Comment

By applying, the exhibitor accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the Exhibition Rules.

We ask your attention that we can provide the pre-application discount only in case the 50% of the Registration and Area Rental Fee is paid until the deadline in the Deposit Request Form (15th September, 2024.); and the other 50% is paid until 15th October, 2024.

If the Contracting Party uses the discounts specified in the contract (10%, 5%) and does not fulfill their conditions or only partially fulfills them, the amount of the used discount will be calculated from the first day of the PontyShow (November 8, 2024), the Civil Code must be paid to Carp Hungary together with late interest.

Organizers fulfill the requests regarding the size of the stand considering the possibilities!

The application becomes valid only after the evaluation.