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Neil Spooner

 I really enjoyed the Hungary Carp Show. Nice to meet so many like minded carp anglers that want to talk and learn all things carp related. A show that I will definitely visit again!

Misel Zadravec

For me, this exhibition is the Celebration of Carp Angling. I have visited many similar events throughout Europe but I can say for sure that the Hungarian Carp Show is the closest to my heart. Maybe because I have been angling on Hungarian waters for more, than 20 years and I met lots of friends during this time and it is always nice to see each other again. We will exhibit our whole range of products so the expo in November is a very good professional opportunity. This year will be really special because celebrating our 25thanniversary we prepared a lot of surprises. See you at the Zadravec-stand.

Ali Hamidi

It always gives me great pleasure to visit the Hungarian CarpShow. I love the Hungarian public, their support, smiles and they even laugh at some of my jokes! The exhibition is a great opportunity and fantastic chance to enhance your angling knowledge. See you in November!

Szalma József

CarpShow is one of the most prestigious carp exhibitions in Europe I have ever been. I not only speak about the organization and exhibitors but also about the Hungarian angling public, the visitors. It is a pleasure to meet them! During the years I have met a lot of friends thanks to the CarpShow and I hope this tradition would continue this year.

Steve Briggs

With my job working for Nash I get to visit many of the carp shows around Europe and one of the shows I’d looked forward to attending was the PontyShow in Hungary. Carp fishing is growing at a good rate across Europe and the shows reflect that. The general organisation was excellent from the time I arrived at the airport and through to the hotel being ready and right next to the show hall itself. The show hall was full of well laid-out stands but there was enough room to walk about without feeling cramped. I did a talk on both days and they were we attended and the feeling was that everyone came away from the show happy with what they’d seen. The atmosphere amongst the people is always a good guide to how a show has gone and all through the show people were happy, smiling and talking to each other. All in all a great job done!!!!.

József Bordás

The Pontycentrum Team and I participated at all of the Hungarian CarpShows and it won’t be different this year! Those who followed the history of CarpShow can see its evolution year by year. This evolution can be characterised with three main points: it is organised better and better every year; more and more exhibitors come; and what is the most important, the number of carp anglers visiting us is growing continuously. The quality brands and the professionalism of the CarpShow is the factor that differentiates it from all of the other Hungarian exhibitions. For me it has always been important that such an event would not only show the impersonal, business side of carp angling but also the friendly, professional, human aspects of it. This are hand in hand at CarpShow. I have been to many carp angling exhibitions abroad and I can proudly say that the Hungarian CarpShow is among the top ones. Nothing proves this better than the ever growing number of the foreign anglers coming to the show. Hungarians, foreigners, professionals and amateurs together on the birthday of carp angling, this is CarpShow!

Gábor Döme

CarpShow is the most professional expo in Hungary, aimed especially at the carpanglers. We have been participating at the show as exhibitor since 2009, therefore we could see the developments from up-close, with its highlight last year. The selection is stunningly variable, and remarkable, and the quality is outstanding. Although I’m experienced at the angling goods retail and development but even I find the novelties, new brands, curiosities awesome. It’s good to take part at this exhibition, because the top carpers are present, and happy to answer all your questions. There are also the enthusiastic costumers, who we can summarize the year with. If you have never been to the show yet, you must visit the next one!

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Vasárnapi óriás pontyos-fotós-bejelentkezős nyertesünk Horváth NorbertNyereménye: 30.000 Ft értékű Bait Maker csalicsomag🎣Gratulálunk👍

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Mai óriás pontyos-fotós-bejelentkezős nyertesünk Boglárka Fekete, Dani Szemáncsik
Nyereménye: 30.000 Ft értékű Bait Maker csalicsomag🎣
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Mai óriás pontyos-fotós-bejelentkezős nyertesünk Boglárka Fekete, Dani SzemáncsikNyereménye: 30.000 Ft értékű Bait Maker csalicsomag🎣Gratulálunk👍

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11 Nov., Friday: 9AM-6PM
12 Nov., Saturday: 9AM-6PM
13 Nov., Sunday: 9AM-5PM


Entrance ticket: 3.990 HUF
Under 14s: free



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